silk-filled eyemask


Experience the sensation of a gentle cloud resting on your eyes… Covered in our finest silk charmeuse and filled with hand-stretched silk fibers, our eye-soothing silk’s gentle weight lifts stress and tension. Kumi kookoon’s fine silk softly caresses the delicate skin with essential amino acids, enhancing your body’s natural powers of rejuvenation. Imported. Dry-clean or hand wash.

  • apricot
  • aquamarine
  • bluebird
  • champagne
  • chocolate
  • coral
  • cornflower blue
  • cotton candy
  • indigo
  • iris
  • ivory
  • lavender
  • marigold
  • merlot
  • midnight
  • moss
  • ocean blue
  • peacock
  • pebble
  • pink icing
  • seafoam
  • shitake
  • smoke
  • snow cone
  • white
  • wine


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