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child face masks


Our kumi kookoon face masks are made of 100% mulberry silk. Naturally cooling and hypoallergenic, silk helps to ease any skin irritations and has natural electrostatic properties that can help trap smaller particles. To ensure a comfortable fit, each mask has a contoured wire at the nose, adjustable ear loops, and an interior pocket that fits a filter – if one is desired (not included).

Our masks are reusable and hand or machine washable with a gentle detergent. Once air-dried, they can also be ironed to regain their sheen.

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Please note: Our face masks are not a suitable replacement for any medical grade Personal Protective Equipment. They are not intended for professional medical use and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease. Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines for mask usage and personal protection. All masks are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned.  

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